“Okay, let’s make it an official request. ^.^ You should do an OSW on that post. About the inconvenient limitations of the human body [for a powerful being] and/or [them] being discovered =P” – @jaywrites101 on Tumblr


Around and around.Catching light, catching stories. A mirror reflecting refraction. But prisms are reflective. And light bleaches.Perhaps, if you           could just                    […]

Light Shines Brightest

Line after line, and song after song,Light praised, “Darkness is wrong.” “What are you doing?” Looking for the Light,Drowned out by the Noise. “But we’re so bright!” “Light” and “Dark,” what do these even mean?You […]

How It Works

I’m trying to write a one-shot every week that other people have requested. I try to credit the requester(s) of each story, but just ask if you wish to remain anonymous.
Now, there are Original Requests and Fanfic Requests, which I switch between each week (so long as I have enough of them), but this post will only cover Original Requests. I explain why below, but for now, I’ll go into how to make a request.