How It Works

I’m trying to write a one-shot every week — and I take requests!

How to make a request

While I will try to keep track of all the requests I receive regardless of how they’re sent, the best ways to send them are:
A. Through an ask, private message, or other type of direct contact
B. Through my email (
C. Through my Patreon (if you’re a patron)
D. Or using my Ko-fi

Now, it’s up to you how you phrase your request, but three things to keep in mind:

First, make sure what you’re asking for is as clear as possible. I’ll try to contact you if I’m not sure, but it’s also not my fault if I didn’t understand what you were asking for.

Second, OSWs are meant to be short. I’m not going to write a novel for you, sorry.

Third I need details. Part of why I started the OSWs was because I’m not great at brainstorming ideas. So if you want me to write something for you, you’re going to need to give me enough to work with. There’s no definitive line here, but for example — “A romantic comedy” = NO. “A romantic comedy between a bear and a mouse” = YES.

As for what you can request, just about anything goes!


Poems, short stories, twists on fairytales (or other public-domain properties), continuations of other OSWs… You can even just send me three random objects and say “Hey, dare you to write a story with these in it!” and I’ll say “You’re on!” Requests really can be any little plot bunny you want to get out of your head, but you don’t want to write yourself. Or anything you just want to see my take on!

While there are things I won’t write, I want you all to feel free to ask for anything. If, for whatever reason, I can’t/won’t do your request, I’ll be sure to let you know. It’s likely we’ll be able to edit the request a little to change that!

As for how I decide what order to write them in

-it’s determined by three things: when the request was made, its level of request priority, and, if it comes to it, a poll.

Of course, the earlier a request was made, the earlier it will be fulfilled.

A request has higher priority if it’s given through direct contact/email than if it’s just in a comment. Higher request priority is also a benefit given with certain Patreon tiers, but even simply being a patron (or using Ko-fi) will give you priority over any non-patron requests.
(Just make sure you remember to send the request through patreon if you’re a patron, or include it in your message when you submit through Ko-fi.)

Finally, if two or more requests tie or I’m otherwise uncertain which to write first, I’ll use the poll to help me decide. (I will not include any requesters’ identities inside the polls.)
You can find the current poll on my Tumblr, Twitter, or here on my website.

If there’s anything else you’re not clear on, don’t be afraid to ask me about it!

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