Taking a break over the Holidays

I’ll keep this short.

The OSWs aren’t doing as well as I hoped, and they’re taking a lot out of me. I don’t want to give up on them just yet, but I am thinking it might be better to change things just a bit.

I’m going to take this break to think more on how I want to change things, but my current thought is to keep the OSWs for original stories only and switching to doing a MONTHLY fanfic. I’ll have at least one thing I write every week, and you all will get longer fanfics. I don’t know that that’s what I’ll end up doing — this is just my current idea. Let me know what you think.

Also, I’m going to be busy over the Holidays as it is, and taking the OSWs out of my schedule will hopefully help with that.

This DOESN’T mean I won’t be posting over the Holidays, but it will be more sporadic. You can continue sending in requests! Please do, in fact! It will just be more of a case-by-case basis as to if/when I write them.

I hope you all aren’t too disappointed by this. But after no one AT ALL voted on that last poll… And the OSWs haven’t really grown in popularity over the past few MONTHS…

I really felt I needed to rethink my strategy.

(On a happier note: The first draft of “Crossroad of Infinity” is complete!)

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