Chapter 15

The Unsalvageables' civilizations were separated from the rest of society by simple walls. … Not that that was what kept them separated, given the Illunirans' ability to fly. No, that was the certain death that awaited the Unsalvs if they dared try to cross it. And the rest of society? They didn't want to cross it. Why would they? Only criminals lived on the other side.

Chapter 11

It’s not been long since Jonathan visited Dracula’s castle, and we’ve followed the unsuspecting Englishman to his town. To prepare both the townsfolk, and the house Drac bought, for the expansion of our “family.”

Chapter 10

Well, the training to become a “Mentor” was perhaps a bit more grueling than expected. But that career as a multi-faceted artist did the trick! They considered me a prime candidate; I should have no trouble gaining the opportunity to become your mentor now. That said, I’ll still need to convince you to accept me as such…

Chapter 7

When I have no body of my own to measure it with, time moves both too slowly and too quickly. For Tess, it’s only been a few years. For me, it’s been yet another short eternity.

Chapter 6

Why? Why oh why oh WHY a demon-eater, of all things?! I mean, at least you’re an anima, but I’d’ almost have preferred you be a florus – or even a symbi! Why, at least then I wouldn’t have had to put up with such – such…!