Chapter 22

I’ll call this world… Haugh… I don’t even want to give it a name. I don’t want to do this… … I’ll call it… “Scarring.” And… it was paradise. Or- -as close as I’ll ever get.

Chapter 21

Every time… Every time I die in one of those dimensions… Every time I come back… Those first few seconds, they… They're spent re-living- No. No, re-remembering my memories of the life I'd just lived. And I just…

Chapter 19

It took me at least a few hundred tries to navigate the Crossroad successfully, even after figuring out the basics. A few hundred tries to get a dimension decently close to what I wanted. To get one with physics I liked.

Chapter 18

Let's turn back the clock for a moment…


It's a while, yet, before Tess is supposed to fully turn Lucy. And since it's good cover for establishing a relationship with the locals, she's been working at this little pub for the past few weeks.

Chapter 17

At first I was just… really disoriented.

Where was I?
It… reminded me of… Prizmal for some reason…?
But- I couldn't be there, right? They had True Killed me, so I wouldn't have ended up there.

… Wait-
-They'd killed me.

Chapter 16

< The night sky is as beautiful here as ever. Nonetheless- >
Yawning, Tess checks her watch again. It's 1:30 AM, and still no sign of Helsing.
< -it can only keep me entertained for so long. >

Chapter 15

The Unsalvageables' civilizations were separated from the rest of society by simple walls. … Not that that was what kept them separated, given the Illunirans' ability to fly. No, that was the certain death that awaited the Unsalvs if they dared try to cross it. And the rest of society? They didn't want to cross it. Why would they? Only criminals lived on the other side.